N-Photo Flowers Contest - March 2014


Delighted to have come in the Top 10 of this photo competition, placed 9th by the expert panel. Shot is one that I took last Summer in the local churchyard, late in the day with the insects buzzing round and a low backlight that threw interesting shadows. A little post processing to wash it out a bit and give it a 1950's feel, as noted by the judges.

Canada Blooms


For 2013, I was asked to provide the Poster Shot for Canada Blooms, Canada's premier flower show held annually in Toronto.

This is the brief story of how a purple hellebore in my garden made it halfway around the world to make it onto every ticket, every poster, every programme and even onto the Canada TV AM with @MarkCullen4.

The original photograph of Helleborus x hybridus against a backdrop of Carex Comans Bronze Form, was taken in my own garden in March 2009 using my then trust Nikon D300 and 105mm macro. It had been on Flickr since then and was found there by the organising committee of Canada Bloom who were looking for a Hellebore photograph for the 2013 show. A few email exchanges later and the committee had voted to use this shot, albeit that it was cropped and the background significantly lightened from the original shot.

Personally, it was fantastic to see my hellebore as the Poster shot for Canada Blooms 2013 and great to see the Hellebore all over the online and printed literature. I knew it was to be used on the poster, as it was on Twitter and Facebook.

I didn't realise it would also make the front cover of the programme and even the tickets too.

Delighted to have provided the "Floral Image 2013" and to have received a "Certificate of Appreciation" for support in making Canada Blooms 2013 a success.


New Website


Today witnesses the birth of my first photographic web site beyond flickr. Hurrah.

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